Thorgren Tool & Molding - Product Line

  • Axial Fans

    Thorgren Tool & Molding offers a wide variety of propeller type axial fans in many fan blade styles and shapes, with shrouds and without. Fans may have from 3 - 10 blades depending on size and shape. Thorgren proudly offers these fans from 1 inch to 16 inches in diameter in both rotations.

  • Impellers

    Thorgren Tool & Molding also is pleased to offer a very sizable line of both straight and curved vane impellers. These are also designed to fit on a wide variety of shaft diameters and configurations. These impellers are available in sizes from 2 inches to 10 inches in diameter.

  • Blower Wheels

    As an additional category in the extensive line of air movement devices offered by Thorgren Tool & Molding, a full complement of centrifugal style blower wheels exist in size ranges from 1" diameter to 10" diameter. These wheels are offered in both curved and straight vane variations in both CW & CCW rotation and single and double inlet.

  • Fan Guards

    Extensively used in the refrigeration business, the Thorgren line of fan guards protects fans from 4" to 12" diameter. These fan guards are molded from a wide variety of plastics, depending on location, temperature considerations, and severity of duty.

  • Housings

    Although often times the housing surrounding a blower wheel is part of the design of the customers product, Thorgren Tool does offer a line of scroll type housings for independent use. These housings can accommodate blower wheels in the 2" to 4" diameter.

Please contact Thorgren Tool & Molding for more information regarding these product offerings.

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